We can investigate the time nature of the present to be more ready for the prerequisites of this minute in time. On the off chance that we know the time quality we can alter ourselves as needs be and give up pointless battle and opposition with what is. We have the decision to ad ourselves to the progression existing apart from everything else.  I am living in Hawaii and have a sound regard of the sea and the intensity of the waves. Individuals break their necks here sometimes or have other, less extreme mishaps when they do not accept circumstances for what they are and attempt to battle their way against the flows and waves. You figure out how to regard the stream and figure out how to either jump under the wave in the perfect minute or let it convey you and ride it to the shore. Obliviousness is no reason and can be deadly


Also, you can even have a ton of fun with it. You can figure out how to body surf or surf with a board and appreciate the surge of being taken and conveyed by the sea. It is absolutely elating, a snapshot of unity with the celestial power and causes you to feel extremely alive and at the time.  You can utilize crystal gazing likewise. On the off chance that you know the mysterious time nature of the current minute you can let it convey you and appreciate the ride. You can even utilize it to get you where you need to go. On the off chance that you ad yourself to the all inclusive powers you realize an opportunity to place seeds in the ground and when to collect herkimer diamond. There is constantly a perfect time to do the correct things. For me crystal gazing is a unique pair of glasses I use to investigate the world to help manage me in my choices and goals. It gives me a more extensive picture and higher point of view of what is asked of me. I appreciate the introduction point of view and direction I get that way.

At the point when I examine and compose my week after week figures I appreciate seeing the principle subject of the week taking shape itself for me to see. Clearly I am not remarking on each planetary viewpoint occurring in the week. Rather I permit that crystallization procedure and I am constantly astonished how it turns out to be clear what the week is about. A week ago we had relationship as the feature with 4 planets in Libra. The week prior to the Mercurial exercises and correspondence was at the cutting edge. Thus it goes on this week with the subject of Scorpio. Scorpio vitality is not a simple one for the greater part of us so I thought it merited a more extended presentation.